Dangerous Dave Remake in TIC-80

Dangerous Dave was originally written by John Romero back in 1988, and released on DOS in 1990. This is the first 9 levels of Dangerous Dave, with a re-designed final level. The remake was built with TIC-80, as a thank you to John Romero.


  • 9 Levels from the Original
  • New Redesigned Final Level
  • Save and Continue
  • Highscores
  • Refined Physics


  • X to start/jump/jetpack
  • Arrow keys to move around
  • Z to shoot


Install instructions

To play locally, download TIC-80 from https://tic.computer/create , and run the game with...

tic80 DangerousDave.tic

... Or drag DangerousDave.tic onto the TIC-80 executable.


Dangerous Dave (0.2.0).tic 90 kB

Development log

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